5 Advantages of Buying a Used Boat

Do you want to add a boat to your family’s outdoor equipment collection? No matter what type of boating you enjoy, owning your own offers the flexibility to make time on the water more fun for all. However, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make when boat shopping is whether to buy a new boat or a used one.

While buying a brand new boat is certainly exciting, you may find that the benefits of used boats outweigh those of a new one. Here are five reasons to consider it.

1. You Get More Boat for Less

As with buying used vehicles, buying used boats can save the buyer a lot of money when compared with new models. For your willingness to sacrifice a few years of newness, you get a steep discount on what the original owner bought it for. This can mean you get the same boat you would otherwise buy, but for less, or you can take that savings and trade up for a better version while paying the same price that you would for the new boat.

In addition, the largest drop in value of a boat occurs in the first years of its life. Therefore, if you let someone else take that hit in value, you’ll find that what you pay and what you can sell a used boat for are much closer than they would be with a new boat.

2. The Kinks Are Worked Out

Many used vehicle shoppers think of used cars, bikes, and boats in terms of the wear and tear they come with. And while it’s true that the boat may have some minor repairs and replacements, it also means that the original owner has worked out the kinks in their model and their particular boat. They know its ins and its outs, its strengths and its weaknesses, so they can help reduce your learning curve.

3. There’s a Wider Variety

If you shop for just the most current models of any boat, your search area is limited by what’s going on now with boating trends. However, when you’re open to all makes and models, you add even more options you can enjoy.

Want a particular engine style? Features no longer common on new models? A certain silhouette? Give yourself the best shot at finding the perfect match by having the biggest inventory possible, which you can only achieve if you’re willing to buy a used boat.

4. It’s All the Same in the Water

It’s pretty exciting to dip your shiny new boat into the water for the first time. But once you’ve taken your first lap around the lake, your boat is now officially used. However, the good news is that so are all the other boats in the water.

When you’re out having fun with family and friends or even trading stories with fellow boaters, few are going to care — or even notice — that your boat has a few miles on it. Once they’re in the water serving their purpose, the right boat and a quality model will matter much more than its year of make.

5. You Decide What to Pay For

How much do you want to customize, upgrade, or personalize your boat? If you have a specific vision in mind — a certain engine, your favorite tech gadgets, or a specific finish — you may want to start with a more bare-bones, cost-effective purchase. However, when you buy new, the dealer has made all the decisions about what is included and what’s not.

Used buyers can tailor their initial purchase to ensure they don’t overpay for things they want to change so they can spend their money on quality features instead.

Where to Start                                                                     

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