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When Buying a Boat or Luxury Yacht

Bring a Broker Aboard

Discover the pleasure and privilege of yacht ownership with Lifestyle Marine  as your partner. A yacht is a private, emotional, and financial decision that demands complete discretion. While the experience of purchasing or selling a yacht is filled with exhilaration, our expert team understands that the process can also be daunting for both first-time buyers and seasoned yachtsman.

Working with an experienced Lifestyle Marine Sales Professional can save you both time and money when purchasing or selling a yacht.

Our mission is to make the process of selling your boat easy and stress-free.  Our brokers are highly educated with the current competitive boat market, and we alleviate your work load by scheduling showings, sea trials, and correspondence with other marine professionals on your behalf.  We also handle the whole closing process, providing the buyer with hands on orientation, and preparing necessary documents for your records.

A Lifestyle Marine Broker will be there to:

  • Simplify and streamline the entire transaction
  • Help you find the right model
  • Locate the ideal buyer
  • Protect you during financial negotiations
  • Ensure that your best interests are reflected and respected.

1- Embark On Your Yachting Decisions

Your broker will guide you to understanding which yacht would suit your lifestyle and personal preferences the best. Your Lifestyle Marine broker will attend the boat tour, test drive, and marine survey, by your side. They will help estimate time and where to obtain accurate quotes for items that are unfamiliar.

2- Test the Water for Financing Options

Once you’re ready to purchase a yacht, your Lifestyle Marine professional broker will carefully explain all of your financing options and guide you every step of the way, from opening an account, to closing it smoothly, and confirming that any existing loans or other encumbrances are paid off in full.

At Lifestyle Marine, we’ve seen how private transactions not involving a broker can be extremely complicated and pose a serious hazard to both buyers and sellers. But with an LM broker on your side, you can be assured of complete peace of mind and protection.

3- Hop Onboard Your Yacht-Ownership Journey

Once a sale is complete, your Lifestyle Marine broker will assist you finding the perfect yacht maintenance specialists or facilities to maintain your yacht. Our team can refer you to boat handling, and seamanship. But the best perk of all is having a new yachting partner for life!

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