TV Entertainment Options Available to Look for on Boats

BoatAs you shop for a new boat, one element to consider is the entertainment. After a long day of exploring the open waters, you may want to relax and enjoy some television. You may also rely on television for important updates like news and weather.

As you shop for a new or used boat, consider a number of features that give you television options. The more options you have, the easier time you will have enjoying entertainment options for yourself or for guests on the boat.

Marine Satellite TV System

If your main interest is live television, then consider a marine satellite TV system. While you cannot connect directly to cable companies like a traditional cable box, a satellite TV system works well on the open water. You have a straight connection to satellites in the sky and do not need to worry about interference from trees or other buildings.

A satellite TV connection will give you live connections to a wide range of network and cable channels. When you purchase a boat with a satellite TV system already installed, you do not need to worry about mounting or calibrating the satellite connection. You simply need to set up an account and subscribe to the TV service.

When you subscribe to satellite TV, you will receive the channels no matter where your boat is. You do not need to worry about losing favorite channels when you enter a new port or go for a multi-day boat ride.

OTA Television Antenna

A similar installation to the marine satellite TV system is the OTA television antenna. Other than the equipment purchase itself, an OTA antenna offers access to free programs and digital channels. OTA stands for over the air and essentially supplies you with access to streams of content from many big networks.

A boat with an OTA antenna installation offers a nice bonus and is ideal for any local programming. For example, you may gain access to local news coverage and can get information on weather reports or travel information. The content is also ideal for live sports that air on network television.

Internet Hot Spot Connections

If you are more interested in streaming services instead of live television, then look for boats with built-in hot spot technology. Hot spots allow you to connect to a cell phone and use data as a WiFi connection. Through a cell phone connection, you have the option to connect to streaming devices and access subscription services.

Through the services, you can find your accounts and easily stream content while out on the open water. With the hot spot tech already on a boat, you do not need to worry about extra connections or wiring after your purchase. The hot spot connections work best with unlimited data plans so you do not need to worry about exceeding your data usage.

Mounted Disc Players

For any televisions included with a boat, check if mounted disc players are also available. Disc players offer a sure way to enjoy content. You do not need to worry about satellite or antenna connections and can enjoy hours of shows or movies. A mounted disc player is essential because you do not want a Blu-Ray sliding around and creating playback issues in rough waters.

Some televisions may include disc players right into the design so you do not have to worry about mounting an extra device. Look for a small storage cabinet that can hold all of your discs. Ideally, you want to use a hard-shell disc organizer as opposed to storing all of the separate cases on board the boat.

Shop for new and used boats with us at Lifestyle Marine to check out all of the TV options in the boats. We will help you find a boat that fits your needs and the adventure you seek while out on the open water.